Local Legend is the debut effort from the White Plains, NY-based rapper Stan Ipcus, and from the first single “How I Met Your Mother,” you can tell that he’s a unique voice: the first single talks about his successes and struggles as an artist and how his dreams of becoming a famous rapper, eventually lead him to being the father of two young songs – things that are more important, and more fulfilling than a big time record deal. It’s simply grown men talk without the bullshit of things that generally never happen – tons of bling, tons of money, tons of loose women, etc. 

If there’s one thing that Ipcus reveals is that there’s a variety of artists talking about their own personal experience in a way that the mainstream radio stations and labels sadly ignore. In fact, the track shows a sensitivity and love for his wife that’s deeply affecting – why you don’t hear more artists seem like decent men is a shane.