London’s Veronica Falls’ 2011 self-titled debut was released to generally favorable critical reviews for a sound that had been described by many of my colleagues and fellow critics as goth-tinged pop. The release of the band’s sophomore release Waiting For Something To Happen through Slumberland Records in North America and Bella Union Records in Europe and elsewhere has the band refining and perfecting their sound.

With the release of the album’s first three singles, “My Heart Beats,”“Teenage” and “Buried Alive,” it’s obvious that the band draws some of their influence from 60s pop through their use of bright, buoyant melodies and gorgeous harmonies. And it’s done in an effortlessly elegant fashion that reveals how well-crafted and constructed the songs really are — each part of every song works perfectly together and every song fits in with each other.  

The band just released the official video for album title track, “Waiting for Something to Happen” and the song is simply put, fucking gorgeous and incredibly infectious.