Lorelei and Dead Leaf Echo at Mercury Lounge 2/27/13

Back at the end of February I caught shoegazer rock outfits Lorelei and Dead Leaf Echo at the Mercury Lounge – Lorelei specialized in a slightly more muscular, garage/DIY sort of of shoegazer rock with elements of prog rock. Dead Leaf Echo, who were playing a set to celebrate the release of their much anticipated, full-length debut, Thought and Language, has a prettier, ethereal sound that will remind a lot of listeners of the Stone Roses and A Storm in Heaven-era the Verve. As a debut album, Thought and Language is a unique concept, which tells the story of a child’s life from conception to the point that they can grasp thought and language – and based on what I had heard live, it’s likely to impress quite a number of fans, as well as my fellow bloggers and critics… 

Of course, there’s some photographic evidence of the night, so check out the photos below. 


Dead Leaf Echo

There’s something kind of poetic about a setlist in a pool of spilled alcohol, right?

For these photos and more, check out the Flickr set here: