Luke Rathborne’s work has been marked with both the exuberance and restlessness of youth — some of which is inspired by his own unique life. Rathborne learned to play the guitar when a wayfaring stranger passed through Rathborne’s Northern Maine town and accidentally left the guitar behind. Inspired by punk rock’s DIY ethos, Rathborne recorded his first album at 16, After Dark by sneaking into the recording studio of his local college and learning how to use the equipment. When he was 18, he moved to New York where he connected with Tin Pan Alley producer Joey Levine, who helped him hone his sound. 

He’s opened for the Strokes at SXSW, and has made an appearance on BBC 6 Radio. In any case, “Last Forgiven,” the latest single from his latest album, LOST is a well-crafted power pop song — although it seems like a sugary confection, there’s a gritty sense of sadness at it’s center. It’s the sort of sadness that comes from the occasional bitter experience. 

Check out the official video, which was released the other day. The video should remind you a lot of a much simpler time – ah, the 1980s.