Lurch and Chief is a Melbourne, Australia-based sextet comprised of Lilibeth Hall, Alexander “Lurch” Trevisan, Hayden “Chief” Somerville, Josh Lane, Brendan Anderson and Joel Rennison. After the release of their debut Wiped Out EP, in 2013 and their double A-side vinyl release, “Keep It Together”/I’m Not There,” the Australian sextet signed to Mushroom Group’s Illusive to release the band’s long awaited and recently released EP Breathe. “Fading Out,” the EP’s first single is a breezy bit of indie rock that manages to sound as though it could have been released in the days of 120 Minutes as it’s comprised of soaring harmonies, paired with shimmering guitars, a tight bass-led groove and explosive bursts of feedback that nods to psych rock before quickly fading out. Interestingly, although the song is neon bright – and may be arguably the brightest song they’ve released to date – the song also manages possess the immersive, large venue feel.