Madison, WI-based artist Trin Tran has developed a reputation for having a sound that’s difficult to describe because of its possessive inventiveness. His last effort, Dark Radar released through Ty Segall’s GOD? imprint on Drag City Records; but his forthcoming effort Far Reaches will see a mid February release through Castle Face Records, and has Trin Tran collaborating with several former band mates and friends – Eric Landmark of Numbers helped with the album’s recording; Ricky Reimer of Transformer Lootbag and John Dietrich of Deerhoof both helped with the mastering and mixing of the album. And some of the end result was the EP’s first single “Fashion Has Happened to Fashion.”

The track begins with a syrupy slow fade in, which reveals layers of scuzzy guitars, a simplistic drum beat, electronic bleeps, boops and bleats, and Trin Tran shouting the line “Fashion has happened to fashion” repeatedly before quickly fading out. In some way, the track sounds as though it could easily be an art rock version of David Bowie’s “Fashion” being played under the influence of heavy dosages of sedatives or some other substance. It’s trippy as hell but has a strange groove that pulls you back to the song.