Madlib has been releasing a number of instrumental beat tapes as part of his Beat Konducta series. Previous titles included Movie Scenes and Beat Konducta in India, both were imaginary film soundtracks; the self-deceptive A Tribute to J Dilla; and the Beat Konducta in Africa inspired by the Zambian “Zamrock” music scene of the ’70s. The latest installment of the Beat Konducta series is called Rock Konducta Volumes 1 and 2, and both beat tapes are influenced by worldwide underground rock including German Krautrock, Spanish prog rock, and some early 80s synth-based oddities. 

“Hold The Organ” uses layers upon layers of organ and guitar, at creating the sensation of an overpowering and ominous buzz, with ringing phones, and other glitchy noises in the background. That is before the power chord guitar solo right before the song’s conclusion. It’s darkly, almost menacingly trippy.