Madlib may arguably be one of the most playfully inventive and unique producers hip-hop has ever known. Early in his career, Madlib was a member of the Oxnard, CA-based act, Lootpack featuring Wildchild and DJ Romes, and what made the project compelling was that the trio actively made every effort to be as far away from mainstream hip-hop as humanly possible. But perhaps little did they know at the time, that the trio may have been at the leading edge of the West Coast’s underground scene. 

Interestingly, when Stones Throw Records label head and founder Peanut Butter Wolf had signed Madlib to the label, Madlib had already been extremely accomplished – he had already produced enough work to comprise a 3LP effort, Soundscapes and a number of 12 inch singles. Lootdigga is a collection of those now out of print (and sadly rare) 12 inch singles, taken from the master records.The EP title track “Lootdigga” which features MED and a cameo from Quasimoto, may be one of the trippiest hip-hop songs you may have heard in recent memory as it’s comprised of three distinct and disconnected verses about going to record stores an digging through creates connected by a series of entirely different but vaguely similar jazz samples from presumably old, dusty albums. It’s a wild sonic experiment that manages to make sense – in it’s own unique way. 

And of course, you got an emcee spitting fire over some incredibly deft sampling and scratching. Where has hip-hop like this been all of your life, right?