Matthew Young has gained notoriety among circles for his work as a keyboardist and vocalist with Body Language, one of this area’s countless electro pop outfits, and for his work as one half of Vacationer. Young has also released material under the moniker of Seafloor; however, his soon-to-be released, four track EP, Lure will be his first release through Astro Nautico Records

The first single, BustnLoo” is a house track with pulsating aquatic rhythms that remind me quite a bit of Octo Octa’s excellent 2013 release, Between Two Selves, down to the glitchy hook. And much like Octo Octa’s impressive album, Young’s single is extremely dance floor friendly. 

Dunes was enlisted for a remix of BustnLoo and the remix is propelled forward by thick, throbbing drumbeats and lopped chants while retaining the glitchy hook – but it’s stretched out a bit more to create what feels like a totally new song. Additionally where the original is a bit icy, the remix runs a bit hot – as though it’s sensuality is about to burst through the speakers.