Mattias Freiberg, writes, records and performs under the moniker Shadow Shadow, and July 23rd will mark the release of his North American debut, Riviera 7 inch, through Nonchalant Records. As the story goes Freiberg had been traveling the highways of Europe when in 2009, he decided he needed a break. So he retreated to a small cottage in the Swedish countryside, furnished with tons of electronics and images of fangs and claws of various sizes and types. As time went on, a number of people stopped by offering their assistance and talents including Britta Persson, Silbille Attar, Kicki Halmos of Masquer. Nina Kinert, Per Nordmark of Kriget, and others. 

With Kicki Halmos of Masquer contributing vocals to the B-side track “10000001,"you’ll hear a track with a murkiness that manages to emphasize the slow burning seductiveness of the track – one critic described the song as conjuring up the sensation of "A tangle of sheets and cool hearts on a humid and sticky summer night.” I think that’s pretty accurate.