Max Colombie, the creative force behind electro pop act, Oscar and the Wolf began his career at a very young age – finishing second in the Belgian Junior Eurovision contest when he was 14. Some time later, Colombie released two folk albums before he started the Oscar and the Wolf project with five musician friends. And when you hear “Strange Entity,” the album title track off the act’s debut effort, Strange Entity, the project makes it obvious that it’s a complete change in direction for Colombie – the track is a slickly produced bit of electro pop with layers of icy synths, swirling electronics, propulsive percussion, a seductive groove and Colombie’s melancholy vocals. 

Lyrically, Colombie focuses on his obsessions – sex, lust, and heartache –  and are informed by the likes of Roman Pulaski films and Francis Bacon; however, the material is accessible as ultimately it’s concerned with extremely universal and familiar themes.