Maya Vik has received quite a bit of attention for her take on electronic pop/funk. As a member of Montee, she won a Norwegian Grammy, but as a solo artist she’s received quite a bit of attention internationally for her take on electro funk/electro pop — in fact, she’s opened for Lenny Kravitz during his world tour, released two solo albums independently in both Norway and Japan in the same year, and appeared on the covers of Cosmopolitan and other fashion magazines. (If you see her, she’s a stunningly gorgeous woman.) 

EP opening track, “Teen Spirit” featuring Dawn Richard, much like “Lay Low,” the album’s first single represent a sonic departure for Vik. The new material is icily, atmospheric bit of electro pop that bears to Beacon and the Submotion Orchestra, and even Steven A. Clark’Fornication Under Consent of the King