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New Video: Introducing the Gender Bending Visuals of Mysterious Parisian Pop Artist Boy Bamboo

Boy Bamboo is a mysterious, up-and-coming Paris-based singer/songwriter and electro pop artist, and his latest single “Lola” finds the Parisian pop artist pairing his sultry and yearning falsetto with a stark and modern production centered around shimmering guitar chords, thumping beats and arpeggiated synths. It’s sleek and incredibly contemporary — and in a way that recalls Steven A. Clark‘s Fornication Under Consent of the King, Blood Orange and others.

The recently released video for “Lola” is arguably one of the most unique videos I’ve seen this year as it stars the Parisian artist, bending and blurring gender roles as he’s dressed in white and touching his body — but as the video progresses, something is disastrously wrong. It ends suggesting that the video’s protagonist has just had a miscarriage. 

Elijah Hook is a Berlin-based soul/pop artist, whose sound meshes elements of old-school soul, contemporary electronic production and R&B as you’ll hear on his latest Sugaboy-produced single “Lights 47” which pairs Hook’s ethereal crooning and Drake-like flow with hyper modern and atmospheric production featuring stuttering drum programming and malevolently swirling electronics in a song that reminds me quite a bit of Steven A. Clark‘s Fornication Under Consent of the King complete with a self-assured swagger.



Brent Faiyaz is a 20 year-old up-and-coming Maryland-born, Los Angeles, CA-based singer/songwriter,  who has captured the attention of the blogosphere with the release of “Poison” and “Invite Me” off his soon-to-be released EP A.M. Paradox. Produced by Ben Free, “Poison” pairs of a warm, neo-soul-leaning production featuring stuttering drum programming, twinkling organs and swirling electronics with Faiyaz’s tender crooning, which express vulnerability, self-doubt, a swaggering cockiness and an urgent, carnal need within the turn of a phrase. Interestingly enough, “Poison” reminds me quite a bit of a personal favorite of mine — Steven A. Clark‘s Fornication Under Consent of the King as the single possesses an honest and profound ache underneath the sleek hyper modern production.