Me Moan, Daughn Gibson’s sophomore effort was one of the more interesting releases of 2013 as the material subtly channelled Johnny Cash, if he was born some 60 years later and started experimenting with electronics and looping – in other words, sonically, the material paired icily swirling and howling electronics, scratchy old Americana and folk guitar-based samples with Gibson’s baritone. 

Gibson’s forthcoming third full-length album, Carnation is slated for an early June release and from the album’s first single “Shatter You Through,” Carnation reflects a rather dramatic change in sonic direction. Starting off with twinkling keyboards, reverb-y guitars and tribal-inspired drumming and pairing it with Gibson’s baritone, “Shatter You Through” channels early 80s new wave. And although the song is somewhat breezier and warmer than his previous releases, it manages to cement his reputation for crafting brooding and seductive songs.