Melbourne, Australia-based act World’s End Press will be releasing their self-titled debut on October 4th through Liberation Records. And once you hear the album’s second official and latest single “Reformation Age” it may sound familiar to you, if you’re familiar with In Ghost Colours-era Cut Copy. Interestingly, their debut effort was produced by former DFA Records co-owner Tim Goldsworthy. This shouldn’t be surprising as he’s worked with LCD Soundsystem, Cut Copy, Massive Attack, Little Boots, and others. 

Indeed much like Cut Copy’s outstanding second album, “Reformation Age” has lead vocalist John Parkinson sing lyrics that take on nostalgia, mourning and profound longing over shimmering synths, and club-banging beats. 

The band has played with the likes of Primal Scream, Hot Chip,  and !!! in their native Australia, and played some of their first Stateside shows in June with Cut Copy. Thanks to their pop sound, I think you’ll probably hear quite a bit of them in the upcoming months.