Montreal, QC-based band Wake Island is comprised of four musicians who hail from Lebanon, the US and Canada, and much of their work early on has drawn some level of inspiration from the arguments on the state of contemporary societies, how Eastern and Western cultures interact with each other, and the band aims to challenge the way we perceive modernity in an era where many of us have become increasingly too comfortable.

This year, the band hopes will be a breakout year as they released their sophomore effort It Takes Time To Be Uncomfortable and they’ll be releasing a follow up EP, Use It As A Weapon/Uncomfortable B-Sides on August 6th. Both albums, especially It Take Time has a clean, modern sound which seems to be partially inspired by the likes of Gang of Four and others – it’s angular but very dense. 

The band just released the official video for “Use It As A Weapon” and it’s a disturbing look at the destructive power of comfort, the hope we find in others, and the little things we usually take for granted" the members of the band have claimed. The video portrays an emotionally and physically broken man who needs assistance to do even the most mundane, everyday tasks, and is perpetually haunted by the vision of a mysterious, beautiful woman who tortures and abuses him. Even those who seem to be assisting him may also be torturing him. It’s a fitting video for a song with such an anxious, uncomfortable feel.