My Divider, Dinosaur Bones debut landed on this site’s Best of 2011 list because of complex material that possessed time signature changes and broke away from the verse-chorse-verse, bridge, chorus structure of most pop songs. And yet, the material managed to be accessible. The Toronto, ON-based band’s sophomore effort, Shaky Dream represents a bit of a change in sonic direction. From the singles, I’ve heard off the new effort, the material has been brooding and atmospheric, and possesses an underlying anxiousness – as though it’s the anxiousness of modern life being expressed. 

“Dreamer’s Song” is the latest single (and video) from the band’s latest effort, and was shot as part of the Southern Souls sessions. Once again, it’s shot in a gorgeously cinematic black and white, and captures the band playing the song live – which naturally, captures a different energy.