Nedelle Torrisi’s recently released self-titled debut effort, actually was inspired by a rather interesting story. Kenny Gilmore of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti and Torrisi were housemates – in fact, they both shared the same wall. And frequently, Torrisi could hear Gilmore playing guitar and keyboards, and Gilmore could hear Torrisi recording the demos for the material that wound up on her debut. 

At one point Gilmore passed Torrisi a recording of the material he had been working on, so Torrisi would stop by to get Gilmore’s opinion and expertise, as he did with her. 

Anyway, after two years of work, the duo managed to combine their various musical interest to craft complex compositions. Lyrically, the songs deal mostly with affairs of the heart and are based on Torrisi’s experiences but in an indirect way that feels universal. 

“Can’t Wait” is the latest single off Torrisi’s debut effort and it’s a just a sexy song – but just as important, I love Torrisi’s gorgeous voice. To me her voice harkens back to the pop singers of the 1950s – it’s effortless but self-assured. 

The video plays with gender roles in a way that’s rather thought provoking. 

Torrisi has been touring with Julia Holter, and the tour includes a September 24th date at Webster Hall.