Neighborhood Veins marks two occasions – the first release from the Durham, NC-based band Schooner in quite some time, and the first national release from Durham/Raleigh, NC-based boutique label, Potluck Records. Why would it take some time for the band to put out a new album? Schooner’s history has had a number of fits and starts. Founded by Reid Johnson, the band nearly broke up after the release of their 2007’s, Hold On Too Tight. Johnson took some time off to reevaluate his life and his passion to play music; the remaining members of the initial lineup moved and got jobs. By 2010’s Duck Kee Sessions, Schooner led by Johnson had a different lineup – and with the second lineup, the band played at SXSW and won the attention of Paste Magazine who named them as one of their “Best of Who’s Next." 

However, when the band set to head to the studio for the Neighborhood Veins album, Schooner went through yet another lineup change. On the album, Reid Johnson enlisted the help of several of North Carolina’s musician friends to record the effort.

"It Won’t Matter” is one of the first singles from the album, and the album’s opening track. Starting off with a gentle whistling and strummed guitar, the song suddenly explodes – as though a lifetime of pent up energy has finally been released. Interestingly, the song bears an uncanny resemblance both to the Smiths, thanks in part to the shimmering guitars and reverb, and to 50s and 60s garage rock – all while possessing a devastating earnestness.