New Audio: Air Waves Atmospheric and Moody New Single “Thunder”

Air Waves is the solo recording project of Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter, Nicole Schneit, who often collaborates with the likes of Hospitality’s Brain Betancourt (bass, vocals), Blake Luley (guitar, keyboard) and David Christian (drums) along with friends and associates including JB Townsend, Becca Kaufmann, Felicia Davis, and Jana Hunter.
The project’s soon-to-be released album Parting Glances, derives its title from the film Parting Glances. Released in 1986, the film, which stars Steve Buscemi follows a gay man as he navigates the difficulties of being in a relationship during mid-80s New York — we’re talking about during the time of Reagan, Koch and the AIDS crisis. And although Schneit is a big-time fan of Steve Buscemi, the album is deeply inspired by the parting glances we (particularly New Yorkers) share with strangers in our most basic, everyday encounters. As Schneit explains in press notes, “You see all sorts of physical and emotional traits on the train. From people puking, making out, screaming, crying, laughing, dancing, grooming, etc. We encounter each other in the thick of our complex lives by simply looking at each other all the time. These glances are mundane and fleeting but also powerfully intimate.”

The album’s latest single “Thunder,” which features guest vocals by Jana Hunter is a tense, intimate and atmospheric song that possesses a devastatingly frank honesty paired with stark imagery in a way that’s reminiscent of PJ Harvey as shimmering guitar chords, swirling electronics, driving percussion paired with Schneit’s ethereal wailing to craft a song and a sound that’s quietly powerful and unsettling.