New Audio: Austin’s Exhalants Release an Explosive Ripper off Forthcoming Debut

Featuring Steve (guitar, vocals), Bill (bass) and Tommy, a member of Body Pressure, the Austin, TX-based trio Exhalants can trace their origins to the breakup of Steve and BIll’s previous band Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes. As the story goes, with the inevitable downtime that comes up with a band’s breakup, Steve spent his free time further honing his guitar playing before recruiting his former CSSS bandmate and Tommy to complete the band’s lineup.

Recorded and mixed by Ghetto Ghouls‘ Ian Rundell and mastered by Yeesh’s Greg Obis, Exhalants’ forthcoming self-titled debut is largely inspired by the likes of Shellac, Unwound and Cherubs, while nodding at the work of contemporaries like Melkbelly, Kal Marks and A Dear A Horse — or in other words, the album’s material finds the band balancing pummeling heaviness with a melodic sensibility as you’ll hear on the album’s latest single, the anthemic ripper “Latex,” a track with enormous “raise your beer in the air and shout along” hooks, arena rock-like power chords and deep low end. Deceptively simple, the song upon repeated listens reveals rapid tonal and tempo shifts that are barely held together by the explosiveness of the band’s playing.