New Audio: Dam Funk’s Quiet Storm-Inspired, New Single “Glyde 2Night” and Two, Funky, Non-Album Tracks

If you’ve been following JOVM for some time, you’d likely know that over the past couple of years, the incredibly prolific multi-instrumentalist and producer, Dam-Funk has seen his profile grow exponentially for a sound that simultaneously channels late Parliament/George Clinton solo work, 80s synth-based funk and R&B, and Parliament-inspired G funk and for collaborations with Slave’Steve Arrington and for being one-half of  7 Days of Funk, a collaboration with the legendary, Snoop Dogg.

2015 may arguably be one of the biggest years to date for the Stones Throw Records artist as he released a 4 song instrumental EP STFU earlier this year, which he wrote and recorded while he was on tour, opening for Todd Rundgren. He’s also manage to write and record his much-anticipated solo, sophomore effort, Invite the Light, slated for a September release — all while, while working with Snoop Dogg on the forthcoming, sophomore 7 Days of Funk album.

The album’s second single “Glyde 2Night” is a collaboration with Leon Sylvers III and Leon Sylvers IV and it pairs the duo’s silky, smooth crooning with a funky and propulsive bass line, dense layers of shimmering synths, swirling electronics and 8-bit bloops and bleeps to craft a sound that sounds like a subtle reworking of Montell Jordan‘s “Get It On Tonight,” as the song possesses a Quiet Storm-era sensuality. In other words, it’s the sort of sensual and funky song that you’d have to play if you thought you were in love — or actually were in love. If you can’t picture yourself doing that old-school two step with a partner, then there’s something truly wrong with you.

Along with “Glyde 2Night,” Dam-Funk released two non-album tracks “Haunting Me” and “‘Fisticated.” “Haunting Me” is a slinky bit of funk with shimmering synths and densely layered vocals that continue the producer’s and multi-instrumenalist’s mission of proselytizing the word of funk. And it also makes me curious to know how it didn’t make Invite the Light. The single package also includes the instrumental single “‘Fisticated,” which sounds like it draws from The WhispersRock Steady:” but with staggering synth stabs and swirling electronics. Simply put, it’s old-school funk with a modern spin.