New Audio: Emerging Transatlantic Duo Dream Powder Shares Buzzy, Tame Impala-Like Single

Currently split between Florida and Berlin, emerging psych pop duo Dream Powder — Argentinian-born multi-instrumentalists and producers Karl Wunsche and Nico Leivo — was conceived as a virtual project as a result of the pandemic.

The Transatlantic psych pop act’s latest single, the Tame Impala-like “Theories” is centered around wobbling and glistening synth arpeggios, a sinuous bass line, stuttering and blown out boom bap-like beats, fuzzy guitars, Leivo’s achingly plaintive vocals paired with an enormous and infectious hook.

As the duo explain, the song reflects on two very disparate events that Dream Powder’s Nico Leivo experienced: A summer weekend in which he was forced to cope with and then deal with the relationship fears and insecurities expressed by a partner. And a contemplative stroll in his neighborhood under the influence of LSD. The song’s narrator nostalgically fantasizes about the two as though they were merged into one moment — a walk that finds the narrator reflecting on the new stresses of a romantic relationship and the desire to escape it through a pleasurable, mesmerizing and buzzy trip.