New Audio: GOAT’s Sweaty and Menacing, New Single, “It’s Time For Fun”

As an old Swedish legend has it, a traveling witch doctor and her disciples were led to a tiny and extremely remote Northern Swedish village, Korpilombolo by an unknown Sami traveller. The reason that the Sami traveller may have led the witch doctor to remote, Northern Sweden have been lost to history but interestingly, as a result of the witch doctor’s travels, the practice of Voodoo had quickly become common and continued — unnoticed and unbothered — for several centuries.

In the age of the Crusaders, the Catholic Church had discovered that non-Christian practices were occurring in this village, and sent a band of Crusaders to burn them out and to burn the village down. Naturally, whoever survived quickly returned when it was safe, rebuilt their village and continued the practice of Voodoo. Reportedly, the mysterious and masked Swedish collective GOAT hails from this little village, and Voodoo and spirit conjuring just seems to be deeply ingrained in their work.

As you can imagine, the collective have built up a cult status in their native Sweden but they’ve received international attention over the last 18 months or so when the act was signed to Sub Pop Records, who has released a couple of 7 inches and the band’s sophomore full-length Commune. And in the months after Commune‘s release, the members of the band returned to Korpilombolo to work on new material, which would wind up on their latest 7 inch. Unlike their past material, the two songs on the 7 inch were written while in Sweden but recorded in the Americas with the A side single “It’s Time For Fun” recorded here in NYC, while B side single “Relax” was recorded in Sao Paulo.

“It’s Time For Fun” is comprised of skittering drum programming, fuzzy and undulating synths, a dub/motorik like groove created by a propulsive bass line and chanted vocals and as a result, the song sounds as though it subtly channels The Talking Heads while feeling intimate, paranoid and menacing. The song seems to evoke ancient rituals performed in front of bonfires, sacrificial offerings to the gods and spirits and getting sweaty at a club — simultaneously.