New Audio: Houis Shares a Warm and Vibey Bop

Houis (pronounced “weece”) is French-American, New York-based multi-instrumentalist, producer and visual artist, who has developed an R&B lo-fi sound with elements of indie electro pop and indie house, influenced by Bonobo and Tom Misch.

The New York-based multi-instrumentalist, producer and visual artist’s debut album Outgrown is slated for release early next year through Berlin-based label Lekker Collective. The album reportedly depicts the full range of Houis’ influences, including UK garage inspired lo-fi instrumentals, 80s inspired indie pop, R&B and neo soul while featuring guest spots from Emmett Kai, Blush’ko and and others.

Outgrown‘s second and latest single “Longtemps” is woozy, neo-soul-like instrumental centered around boom bap beats, glistening keys, reverb-drenched guitars and funky hook. “Longtemps” manages to subtly nod at J. Dilla instrumental beats while evoking a much-needed feeling of serenity in a mad, mad, mad world.

“With ‘Longtemps’, I was definitely gravitating towards a more mellow/cozy vibe than some of the other tracks on my upcoming album,” Houis explains. “The intention was to write something with a romantic essence: like being in the arms of the person you love and feeling a sense of serenity.”