New Audio: Introducing the Artsy Post Punk/No Wave-Leaning Sound of London’s Arrows of Love

Currently comprised of founding members and creative partners Nina Teranchi and Nuha Ruby Ra, along with Alex Brown, Craig Doporto, and a rotating cast of collaborators and friends, the London-based experimental rock/post punk/post rock act Arrows of Love have developed a reputation across the UK  for inventive and difficult to pigeonhole songwriting and for an energetic live show.

The British collective’s sophomore effort PRODUCT found the band working with Bob Weston (best known for his work with David Bowie, LCD Soundsystem and Shellac) and Mikko Gordon (best known for working with Thom Yorke and Gaz Combes) and will feature a redux edition single of the album’s first single “Signal” crafted by Margo Broom, best known as the producer behind Fat White’s Touch The Leather redux. “Come With Me,” PRODUCT‘s second and latest single begins with a slow-burning discordant, No Wave-leaning introduction before the song quickly turns into an angular post punk art piece with Ra’s ruminating on a collection of scenarios and themes that are personal to her — ghosts from her past, challenges with mental health, destructive and self-destructive patterns and loss of control, written in a way so that the song plays out “like a scene from a film noir,” Ra explains. “The story stems from manic depressive episodes characterized by two people, who are really the same person; one in highest control, while one is weakest.” And as a result, the song bristles with a nasty and messy urgency; the sort of nastiness of a messy, lived in life full of confusing, embittering episodes.