New Audio: Introducing the Breezy and Bouncy 80s Synth Pop-Inspired Sounds of ADLT VDEO

Featuring frontwoman Mindy Jones, who has collaborated with Moby and electronic music artist and producer Luke Top, the Los Angeles, CA-based electro pop duo ADLT VDEO has received attention for a shimmering and infectious pop sound that’s completely different than the sounds of each member’s individual recorded efforts with Jones and Top actively pushing themselves in new directions creatively — and subtly complex and challenging song structures and soaring, St. Lucia-like hooks. And with their latest, breezy and summery, 80s synth pop-inspired single “Start Over,” as the duo’s Mindy Jones describes in press notes “has a tropical bounce with an R&B swagger that works to prop up the lyrical theme of renewal. Especially in light of the tense era we find ourselves in, there’s some comfort in the idea that no matter how bad it gets, there’s always an opportunity to move towards a better horizon.”