New Audio: Introducing the Moody and Dark Electro Pop Sounds of Oakland’s Introflirt

The Oakland, CA-based electro pop trio of Introflirt can trace their origins to when its founder Ben Benjamin conceived the project as an electro pop exploration of “the dark and seedy corners of the human experience in an urban environment.” Their debut album, which also features Vafa Denalda on synths and their sound engineer and collaborator Brendan Dreaper employed the use of an analog/digital hybrid synth, with each note bass line and drum beat initially played by hand and then looped, which gives their approach and sound an organic feel.

The trio’s latest single “Frozen Lace” reportedly has the band taking on a much darker, moodier feel as the song lyrically discusses sexual repression and the difficult and awkward nature of all intimate relationships — and the song will appear on a forthcoming effort that the group has titled Temporary Heaven. Interestingly, according to an email the band sent me, they describe their sound as “rich with swirling synths, dreamy grooves and jazzy crooning” and as being like “if Depeche Mode met Mel Torme on an MDMA-fueled walk in the sky during sunset.” That may actually be a pretty apt description as Benjamin’s dusky croon is paired with layers of buzzing, undulating and cascading synths and propulsive and forceful drum beats to create a moody and track which evokes a creeping, dread-filled anxiety — the sort that can only come about from being deeply repressed and keeping dark secrets that you’re desperate to keep at all costs; or the types of secrets that are only known within the deepest recess of your psyche.