New Audio: Introducing the Self-Assured and Slickly Produced Pop of Up-and-Coming Dutch-born Pop Artist Bülow

Megan Bülow is a 17 year-old Dutch pop artist, best known as Bülow, who recently released her debut Damaged, Vol. 1 and its lead single “This Is Not A Love Song” is an an incredibly self-assured and sultry track consisting of Bülow’s smoky crooning over a slick and contemporary production featuring finger snaps, layers of arpeggiated synths and tweeter and woofer rocking beats. And the first time I heard the song, I was immediately reminded of Phoebe Ryan, Chelsea Lankes and others, as the song is rooted around a fearlessly unvarnished honesty, capturing the messiness, uncertainties, insecurities of a young woman trying to maneuver love, life and her independence; in fact, as Bülow explains “This Is ‘Not A Love Song’ is about the excitement of meeting someone for the first time. Initially it feels so new and overwhelmingly good, but eventually I decided I wasn’t ready for that commitment. Or at least that’s what I told myself. You can’t let lust fool you. Be honest with yourself, If it’s not meant to be it’s not meant to be, but doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!”