New Audio: Introducing the Shoegazer-Leaning Sound of In Light Of

Comprised of Jason Greenberg and Sandy Johnston, the Canadian post-rock/shoegaze duo In Light Of can trace their origins to when Johnston had applied to a job opening that Greenberg posted, and although the duo lived some distance away and don’t share mutual connections, they quickly bonded over a shared passion for post-rock. And as the band’s Greenberg explains in press notes, the duo have an interesting creative process in which, Johnson frequently comes up with rough sketches and song ideas, records them on his iPhone and then sends it to Greenberg, who then fleshes out the original ideas while keeping elements of the original lo-fi recordings; in fact, the five songs on the duo’s debut EP Little Treasures were pieced together in a similar fashion.

The duo’s debut single “Bless Your Heart” is a slow-burning instrumental comprised of shimmering guitar chords played through gentle amounts of reverb paired propulsive song that’s reminiscent of The Verve‘s debut EP — in particular, I’m reminded of “A Man Called Sun” off that EP — while possessing a painterly quality in which successive chord and drumbeat adds a bit of color and texture to the gorgeous yet moody whole.