New Audio: Obnox’s Sludgy Shoegaze Rock Track “Look To The Sun”

Cleveland, OH-based Lamont “Bim” Thomas has developed a reputation for being one of Ohio’s go-to drummers, as he’s had stints in a number of the state’s best underground bands including This Moment In Black History, Unholy TwoPuffy Areolas,and  Bassholes before starting his own solo recording project. Obnox.

And with the Obnox project, Thomas has developed a reputation for being remarkably prolific as he’s written and recorded five full-length efforts — two have already been released with this sixth full-length effort (and third this year alone), Wiglet slated for an October 6 release through NYC-based Ever/Never Records.

“Look To The Sun” Wiglet‘s first single is comprised of sludgy guitar lines, heavy bass and propulsive drums and sounds as though it were recorded on blown out amplifiers and speakers and then paired with a soulful, baritone croon, managing to channel noise rock, soul and shoegaze simultaneously in a churning and strangely blissful mix.