New Audio: Richmond’s Keep Shares Stormy and Anthemic “Everything”

Richmond, VA-based shoegazer outfit Keep formed back in 2013. And since their formation, the Richmond-based act have developed a sound that is heavily influenced by 80s goth and post-punk, 90s shoegaze and grunge, as well as post 2000s indie rock. 

Their full-length debut, Happy In Here is slated for a February 3, 2023 release through Honey Suckle Sound. Last month, I wrote about album single “Dasani Daydream,” a brooding track centered around shimmering, shoegazer-like guitar textures, ambient synths, thunderous drums and achingly plaintive vocals paired with enormous hooks. Rooted in earnest songwriting and performance, the track sonically reminded me of  A Storm in Heaven and The Life and Times

Happy In Here‘s latest single, “Everything” is a centered around swirling and stormy shoegazer-like guitar textures and thunderous drumming paired with achingly plaintive vocals in a classic grunge song structure — alternating quiet, loud, quiet sections. Much like its immediate predecessor, “Everything” brings A Storm in Heaven and The Life and Times to mind — but also, A Northern Soul and harder fare to mind.