New Audio: Seattle’s Fluung Shares An Earnest, Grunge-Inspired Ripper

Seattle-based indie rock trio Fluung — Donald Wymer (vocals, guitar), Joe Holcomb (bass) and Drew Davis (drums, percussion) — have developed a sound that owes a debt to 120 Minutes-era MTV alt rock paired with world-building, story-driven lyrics inspired by Neil Young and Crazy Horse, but within a modern context.

The band believes that their style of guitar rock captures the energy of modern American working life: The grim, never-ending grind to survive, working shit jobs with even shittier employers while reflecting the quiet existential and introspective moments spent in your car after clocking out or spent at home before going to sleep and repeating it all yet again.

The Seattle-based indie outfit’s newest album The Vine is slated for a Friday release through Setterwind Records, who will release the vinyl version and Den Tapes, who will release the cassette version. But in the meantime, album single “Decades,” is a bit of classic 90s grunge/alt rock with a sugary, power pop air as buzzing power chords and thunderous drumming is paired with enormous, shout-along worthy choruses and heartbroken lyrics that sound — and feel — wholly lived in.

“The riff in ‘Decades’ came so easy to us during the writing process,” Fluung recalls. The lyrics, like every song on our record The Vine, are incredibly personal. Every song seems to bleed from our lives as we’re getting older.”