New Audio: Sego’s Latest Single “Townland” Channels The Talking Heads, Superhuman Happiness and Others

As I’ve frequently mentioned on this site in the past, I’m often going through a number of tracks while multitasking — usually I’m watching a ballgame or some true crime story show while listening to as many tracks as I humanly can and it’s pretty easy to get so caught up that I wind up listening to an entire related artist playlist. This time, while listening to one artist I stumbled upon the Los Angeles-based duo Sego. Comprised of Spencer P. and Thomas C. were born and reared in Mapleton, UT and relocated to Los Angeles to pursue their dreams of a musical career. And since relocating to the West Coast, the duo have quickly developed a reputation for being equally drawn to the cutting edge and to the timeless – and although their sound uses modern production techniques, there’s still an an eccentric and very human touch to the proceedings.

“Townland,” the latest single off the duo’s recently released EP, Long, Long Way From the Fringe consists of breathy vocals paired with angular guitar chords, a sinuous bass line, swirling, ambient electronics, and four-on-the-floor like drumming to craft a sound that bears a resemblance to The Talking Heads, Superhuman Happiness and others. And much like those artists, “Townland” evokes a rather eccentric brand of self-conscious, deeply ironic  neuroticism — and yet at its very core, the song possesses an earnestness and honesty that’s infectious.