New Audio: Skin & Bones’ Swaggering and Ominous “Bad Feeling”

Comprised of Taylor Borsuk (vocals, guitar, drums) and Peter Blackwelder (violin), the Venice Beach, CA-based duo Skin & Bones first gained attention locally as local buskers performing country and blues tunes on Venice Beach’s renowned boardwalk. Their latest single “Bad Feeling” consists of Borsuk’s strummed rhythm guitar, Blackwelder’s violin played through various distortion pedals, much like a lead guitar, persistent yet simple rhythm and Borsch’s soulful croon. And much like the old Mississippi Delta blues songs and the old school country songs, the song thematically speaking, focuses on how unshakable damnation and bad luck that comes up when one recognizes that they live in a cruel and indifference universe — and they do so with an old school, badass swagger.