New Audio: Swiss Production Duo Bogart. Teams up with Man of Met on an Old-School Inspired Ode to Keeping it Real

Rising Swiss production duo Bogart. can trace their origins back to when the pair met in an employment program at the employment office and quickly bonded over their shared music tastes. In the past year, the Swiss duo have quickly established themselves in the global, lo-fi hiphop and beatmaking scenes with a prolific series of releases through labels like O-Nei-Reic Tapes, Vinyl Digital, Pueblo Vista, Kick A Dope Verse! and Sofarockers, who released “Desire,” a track that has amassed over 190,000 streams.

The duo’s full-length debut Reality Check will be released through Vinyl Digital. They explain the album is the most personal and versatile effort of their careers to date. And with Reality Check, the duo hope to further establish themselves as beatmakers, while reminding the world that producing dope beats is still “a matter of honor and that the ingredients are passion, love for the culture and good craft.”

“Whipped Cream,” Reality Check‘s latest single is centered around a lush and dusty Pete Rock meets DJ Devastate-like production featuring woozy strings, twinkling Rhodes, old-school boom bap and scratching. The production is roomy enough for Man of Met‘s densely worded bars, full of complex inner and outer rhyme schemes to flow effortlessly within the song’s 88 second runtime.

Throughout the song, Man of Met’s bars see him honestly discussing his financial struggles, his dreams of making it big — but on his own terms. Ultimately, it means keeping it uncompromisingly real and crafting the music that’s true to him. While being a contemporary take on the classic hip-hop sound that I’ve grown up with and loved, the song is fueled by an earnestness and hunger that’s endearing and infectious.