New Audio: The Best 50+ Singles of 2015

After a two year hiatus, in which life was just way too busy, and I never got a chance to compile it, the JOVM Best Singles List returns. Out of the countless singles I’ve listened to, considered and eventually written about on this site over the course of 2015, it was these 50 singles that I was the most obsessed about, helped defined my year — and were the ones I was relentlessly telling everyone about the most. Of course, this year’s list may arguably be the most eclectic list to date as it features several JOVM mainstays and newcomers across several different genres. (Because a handful of tracks weren’t available on Spotify, this list will include a Soundcloud links and other multimedia files. The tracks will appear in their actual sequential order here on the site.)

Congratulations to all of the great and talented artists, who have made this year’s list.


Guilty Simpson — “Animal.” Check out the Audiomack link here: