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M for Montreal — M pour Montreal in French — is an annual conference, which takes place over the course of four days in late November in Canada’s second largest city. Since the inaugural conference back in 2005, M for Montreal has quickly expanded to feature a selection of over 100 emerging, buzz-worthy and/or breakout acts from across Quebec, the rest of Canada and internationally playing in showcases in Montreal’s top venues. 

The annual conference also welcomes over 300 music industry professionals from Canada and internationally to Montreal for professional programming and networking tailored specifically for folks in the industry. This year, conference delegates will be able to attend a full slate of panels and workshops that address some of the most pressing issues, trends and talking points in the music industry today, including copyright in the Metaverse, the impact of international A&R, and the industry’s relationship with mental health, among others. The conference will also feature keynote sessions led by some of the music industry’s major players. including a keynote led by Sub Pop Records‘ CEO Megan Jasper. 

The 17th edition also marks the return of additional activities and events for delegates to take part in throughout the conferences run. Past favorites like Music PEI Brunch Club, Artist Lab, co-presented by TuneCore and QUB musique and M for Marathon presented by SiriusXM all return this year. Of course networking is key, and there will be a variety of professional networking opportunities, including in-person mixers for delegates while in Montreal — and through the virtual M for Mixer platform. Additionally, partner delegates from Wales and the Czech Republic will be in town to present activities specifically for Pro badge holders.

Over the past few weeks, M for Montreal’s organizers announced the full lineup for the 17th edition, which will take place November 16, 2022-November 19, 2022. You might recall that back in September, the conference announced the lineup for its 2022 Official Selection series. The Official Selection series spotlights 29 of Canada’s most exciting, buzz-worthy acts. Up from last year’s total of 20 from last year’s lineup, this year’s Official Selection fully embraces the conference’s long-held values of equity and inclusivity, while featuring artists from a diverse spectrum of identities, backgrounds and genres.

M for Montreal recently shared the full lineup for its M for Marathon portion of its program, which will feature over 100 acts playing showcases in Montreal’s best — and most renowned — venues.

Your boy was invited back to cover the 17th edition of M for Montreal as a festival delegate. It’s my first international trip since the 15th edition of M for Montreal back in 2019. I’m honored and flattered by the opportunity. And understandably, I’m excited and looking forward to traveling again to meeting new people, networking, covering new, buzz-worthy acts — and most importantly poutine and smoked meat sandwiches.

Seriously though, I have to thank M for Montreal’s hardworking team, and their fantastic US publicity partner Marauder Group for the opportunity. Y’all best believe that I will take full advantage.

Caption: Me on M for Montreal’s delegate page. Photo Credit: Catherine Horath.
Caption: M for Montreal’s

,M for Montreal’s team also just shared a playlist featuring songs from the Official Selection artists. Out of the 29 artists, I’m looking forward to catching:

With M for Marathon, I think I’m looking extremely forward to catching:

Of course, you should expect to see lengthy coverage of the festival here on this site in the upcoming weeks. There will also be quite a bit of posts across all of my social media profiles detailing the entire trip. So if you haven’t been following me before, here’s a good chance now:

Badges for the 17th edition are on sale — and are still available in three tiers:

  • Pro badges, which gives you access to all the showcases, networking events, cocktails. workshops, keynotes and so on. Currently, only the late bird badge is available — and the late bird badge doesn’t give you access to the virtual M for Mixer.
  • Melomaniac, which gives you access all of the showcases of the Official Selection series and M for Montreal, as well as all of the conferences and workshops.
  • Edu, which is specifically for students and offers access to all of M for Montreal’s panels and workshops, and 50% off the Melomaniac badge. (All students have to present a valid student ID when they pick up their badge.)

Quantities are limited. But check out the following link for information and to purchase here:

Co-founded by three New York music industry vets and longtime friends, Lorimer Beacon‘s founder and head Mike Bell, Kanine Records‘ founder and label head Lio Kanine and Kepler Events and Dedstrange Records co-founder Steven Matrick, The New Colossus Festival over the course of the past couple of years have featured a few hundred handpicked, emerging indie bands and artists from across Canada, the UK, the European Union, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the States.

By design the festival normally takes place about a week or so before SXSW; the festival’s co-founders have long viewed New Colossus as a pre-SXSW stopover that will give its lineups an opportunity to organically gain exposure, while filling a critical void in the city’s festival circuit.

Obviously, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, New Colossus wasn’t able to happen as scheduled but last year, New Colossus and 18th Ward Brewing hosted a live, outdoor concert series featuring local and regional acts at the brewery’s Bushwick location.

Thankfully, COVID and its known variants have been on the wane for a while now, and we can have the live music experience fairly safely. So, New Colossus is back y’all! Over 100 bands playing in six venues across the Lower East Side — Piano’s, Mercury Lounge, Berlin Under A East Berlin, Arlene’s Grocery and The Bowery Electric — over the course of four, breakneck days this week.

I’m looking forward to an insane four days of live music from a handful of JOVM mainstays and for some new discoveries. You can check out the lengthy New Colossus Spotify playlist, which features curated tracks by the artists performing this year. But personally, I’m looking forward to the following acts:

Badges are still available. And it’s truly a real bang for your buck. More information can be found here:

JOVM turned 10 earlier this year and to celebrate the occasion I streamed a globe-spanning, genre-defying DJ set for a collection of dear friends and colleagues. A couple of months later, I did a second DJ set, which managed to simultaneously celebrate JOVM’s decade of existence and was a dance party for my mom’s 68th birthday.

The third DJ set, which I streamed last night is focused on the classic soul sound — by beloved classic artists, as well as contemporary artists. As I told the folks, who joined me: when I started to compile the tracks for Flight 777’s third journey, I was in a dark space: I couldn’t help feeling anxious and fearful that the country would re-elect a dangerous, racist moron for another four years. Obviously, as the results got increasingly better, I began to feel an exhausted sense of relief until Saturday morning, when CNN and the AP officially called the presidential race for Vice President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. (Correction: President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris!). Most of the songs of the set took on a very different vibe and tone — and I had to make two memorable last minute additions to cover the overall mood.

So here’s four hours of soul for your soul and for you heart. I hope you’ll enjoy as much I did streaming it for friends.

Also happy birthday, mom!

Playlist: Flight 777: The Intergalactic Journey

JOVM turned 10 earlier this year and to celebrate the occasion, I streamed a globe-spanning, genre-defying DJ set for a collection of dear friends, colleagues and supporters.  After I had finished, I had promised those who joined me that I would stream another DJ set. Ideally, I was going to do it last month but unfortunately, I didn’t find the inspiration until around the middle of this month. But it came together and the set was both a continued celebration of JOVM’s decade of existence and a virtual dance party for my mom, whose 68th birthday birthday is today.

This has been a rather difficult year but hopefully, those who joined for the second DJ set had a great time because I had a fucking blast. Check out the playlist below.

Also happy birthday, mom!

Playlist: Flight 777: JOVM 10th Anniversary DJ Set

JOVM officially turned 10 last Tuesday and to celebrate the occasion, I hosted a globe spanning, genre-busting DJ set for a collection of dear friends, colleagues and supporters.  Unfortunately, because of time limits, I couldn’t play the full set — but it exists here. A nearly 6 hour journey through time, space and continents.

Sit back, ask the flight attendant for a drink or seven and enjoy the ride. And hopefully you’ll return to Flight 777 at some point. I think we may be flying again in about a month or so. Maybe you should join us for the ride?

In the meantime, check out the playlist, below.



I just spent the past four days and five nights in Montreal covering the 14th annual M for Montreal Festival. And while walking and taking public transpiration from the gorgeous Hotel Monville in Downtown Montreal to the various networking events, happy hours and showcases I listened to a bit of music — some things a bit more obsessively than others. Check out this mostly Montreal-inspired playlist that features The Beat Escape, CorridorLeonard Cohen, Jef Barbara, BRAIDS and more. Check it out.



If you’ve been following me through my various social media platforms, you’d know that I’ve been in Chicago for the past few days for a conference related to my day job — and of course, while in town I’ve been running around to see friends, eat good food, drink good beers and catch as much live music as I could possibly take in. Naturally, while en route here and towards the bars, music venues and restaurants I’ve eaten in, I’ve spent it listening to a variety of music — especially Chicago blues, particularly my favorites, Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters and B.B. King. Check out this (mostly) Windy City-inspired playlist below. (Of course, there will likely be additions as I’m commuting to and fro for the next few days, so feel free to keep checking it.)


There’s still some outstanding business with 2017 that I must attend to before I can begin 2018 in earnest and in this case, check out some of what I think were the best singles of the past year. Although the music industry typically slows down during the holidays, I’m looking forward to what 2018 brings musically and creatively — and most importantly for new music that I’ll love and tell you about.

With the close of 2016 and the beginning of 2017, countless bloggers and others have spent the past few weeks retrospectively looking back at the previous year. Now yesterday, I had posted what I thought were some of the best albums of 2016 — and continuing on with that vein, I wanted to share what I thought were the best singles of 2016 with a Spotify playlist. Check it out below.


The Joy of Violent Movement’s Best Albums of 2016

 Earlier this year, I had a lengthy bit of correspondence with a British publicist, who I’ve worked with for some time – and as you can imagine, once you’ve worked with someone for a while, the lines between friendship and your professional working relationship can become a bit blurred. But in any case, this colleague had asked how I was doing and at the time my response was: “If there was one word to describe my 37th trip around the sun, I’d say it would be this – embittering.” In that email exchange, I had gone on to describe how I had been dealing with several different, complicated situations in which politics, race and other sociopolitical issues of our era had come up and impacted my personal and professional life in messy and heartbreaking ways. Now, if you’ve been frequenting this site since I started it almost 7 years ago or follow me through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, that music has held a profound role in my life, informing both my intellectual and emotional life. And while some things have been difficult, I can still say that I’ve been particularly blessed. After all, the fact that music can hold the same vital connection that it did when I was 3, 13 or 25 as it does when I’m 37, suggests that somehow I’ve been doing something right. With our lives becoming more urgent, more politically charged than ever, I personally find myself turning towards art and music to gain a further understanding of my life, my inner world and my place in a ugly and cruel world – and frequently a world that seems to hate difference, uniqueness, thoughtfulness, etc.

Sadly, over the past couple of years, this site’s Best of List has kind of languished although I had desperately wanted to post something about my favorite albums of the year; however, there have been years in which I had been incredibly overwhelmed – to the point of not having enough time to actually sit down and write. And while some friends and other associates have bemoaned the death of the music industry without realizing that over the past year, there’s been some challenging and interesting music that’s been released; that there’s been collaborations that would have never happened 30 years ago happening right this minute, and in the case of this year, there have been an incredible array of releases that I’ve been absolutely been obsessed with in a variety of ways. Check out what were the best albums this year, below.


Hannah Williams and The Affirmations Late Nights and Heartbreaks

Plague Vendor BLOODSWEAT

Beacon Escapements

David Bowie Blackstar

Cinemechanica S/T LP

Exploded View  S/T LP

A Tribe Called Quest We Got It From Here . . . Thank You 4 Your Service

Run the Jewels Run The Jewels 3

Clipping Splendor and Misery

Kishi Bashi Sonderlust

The Veldt The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur

Marta Ren and The Groovelets Stop Look Listen

Goat Requiem

Magic Trick Other Man’s Blues

Drakkar Nowhere S/T LP

La Sera Queens EP

Preoccupations S/T LP

The Deltahorse Transatlantic

Anna Rose Strays in the Cut EP

Super Hi-Fi Super Hi-Fi Plays Nirvana

Beninghove’s Hangman Zohove: Beninghove’s Hangmen Play Led Zeppelin

Shana Falana Here Comes the Wave


Honorable Mentions

Wolkoff Without Shame

Milemarker Overseas

La Femme Mystère

Arbor Labor Union I Hear You

The Shondes Brighton

My Gold Mask Anxious Utopia

Alma Afrobeat Ensemble It’s Time

Afro-Haitian Experimental Orchestra Bade Zile

Siama Matuzungidi Rivers – from the Congo to the Mississippi

Bad Sports Living with Secrets

San Lazaro La Despedida


Check out JOVM’s top ten albums on Spotify: