New Audio: The Bluesy, Power Chord-Based Shuffle of The Hunted Crows’ New Single “Get Out”

Comprised of Luy Amiel (backing vocals, guitar) and Jacob Linnet (lead vocals, drums), the  Melbourne, Australia-based duo The Hunted Crows have quickly developed a reputation for an enormous, swaggering arena-rocking sound of power chord-heavy guitar lines, tweeter and woofer rocking, hip-hop influenced beats paired with bluesy, boozily shouted vocals. And in some way, their sound and aesthetic compares quite favorably to several contemporary duos including The Black Keys and White Mystery; however, the Australian duo’s sound is much more forceful, while remaining crowd pleasing — and they do it in a way that’s also reminiscent of Metallica and Foo Fighters.

The duo’s latest single “Get Out” will further cement their reputation for crafting, headbanging, anthemic power chord-heavy rock — while revealing a subtle refinement in their overall sound. The song feels and sounds looser and bluesier, and as a result it possesses a mean, boogie-woogie shuffling swagger. Play this one as loud as possible, then headbang and then repeat until satisfied.