New Audio: The Swaggering Club-Banging Sound of NYC’s TV Baby

Best known as members of A.R.E. Weapons, Matt McCauley and Brian Peck started their latest recording project TV Baby last year in a makeshift hideaway deep within a remote section of industrial NYC. The duo found the  isolation and decay of their surroundings as helping the overall exploratory vibe of their early writing and recording sessions, which also included the duo shifting their roles within the band — and interestingly all of that wound up influencing the duo’s full-length debut, Dignity Don’t Dance produced by The Rapture‘s Gabriel Andruzzi and mixed by Ewan Pearson.

Dignity Don’t Dance‘s latest single “Swamp Beat” manages to nod at NYC’s dance rock/dance punk scene of the early 00s as the duo pairs squealing and scorching guitars with stuttering and propulsive drum programming, a motorik-like groove, and a rousingly anthemic hook with howled, mantra-like vocals. And in some way the song manages to nod at Echoes-era The Rapture and LCD Soundsystem but with a gritty, scuzzy, industrial feel reminiscent of early Ministry — and as a result, the song manages to be a swaggering, club banger.