New Audio: The Urgent, Garage Rock Sound of Seattle’s Pony Time

The Seattle, WA-based duo Pony Time, comprised of Luke Beetham (bass, vocals) and Stacy Peck (drums) can trace their origins to when the duo met while helping a friend move a stereo in 2009. Initially, Peck became Beetham’s electrician apprentice but they quickly realized that what they really wanted and needed to do was write music together. And with the release of their first three full-length efforts, the Seattle-based duo have developed a reputation for crafting a grungy yet catchy garage rock sound.

The duo’s soon-to-be released fourth full-length effort, Rumours 2: The Rumours Are True was recorded at Earwig Studio with songs reportedly written in the same style of Fleetwood Mac‘s classic and beloved Rumours. Interestingly, the album’s first single “Time Tells Me” consists of persistent and propulsive drumming and throbbing and wobbling bass lines that builds up into a swirling frenzy before petering out in seeming exhaustion. And although rooted in 60s garage rock, the song has a contemporary feel as it also draws from grunge — while lyrically, the song is a come-on that feels creepy and awkward and endearingly sincere, as the song throbs with an urgent passion.