New Audio: The Youthful, Rebellious Rock ‘N’ Roll Sound of Hot Flash Heat Wave’s “Homecoming”

San Francisco-based quartet Hot Flash Heat Wave is comprised of four high school friends — Ted, Adam, Nathaniel and Nick — who all met while playing in a variety of bands in the Bay Area’s garage band circuit. About a year ago, each of the members of the quartet decided to collaborate together, and in a short time, the quartet quickly received attention for an incredibly upbeat, hook-based brand of garage rock that draws from Girls and The Beach Boys, Santo & Johnny and Weezer. And as the band notes in press notes, their overall aesthetic and approach is a tongue-in-cheek nod at the dreamy, lo-fi “chillwave” movement, in the sense that they view their sound as sunny and sweltering — or as a heat wave. (And no, not Heatwave, the band who did one of the underrated 70s soul jams “Boogie Nights.“)

The Bay Area-based quartet’s forthcoming debut effort, Neapolitan is slated for a September 11 release, and interestingly enough, the album’s first single “Gutter Girl” has already received praise from the likes of Clash and others. Building on that buzz, the quartet released Neapolitan‘s second single “Homecoming.” And the latest single is scorcher comprised of persistent and propulsive drumming, throbbing bass and buzzing guitars paired with howled vocals and some oohs and aahs at the song’s hook to remind the listener that their sound does channel the sound and spirit of garage rock and surfer rock simultaneously — but with a raw, unhinged punk rock feel. At the end of the day, the song should remind you that rock ‘n’ roll must be purposefully youthful, restless and rebellious or it isn’t worth a damn.