New Audio: WINDHAND’s Punishing, Doom-Laden, New Single “Hyperion”

Comprised of Garrett Morris (guitar), Parker Chandler (gass) Dorthia Cottrell (vocals), Asechiah Bogdan (guitar) and Ryan Wolfe (drums), the Richmond, VA-based quintet WINDHAND have developed a reputation for forceful, doom metal comprised of huge, dirgey power chords and a tight rhythm section with the release of their first two albums. The band’s soon-to-be released, third album, Grief’s Internal Flower was produced by the legendary Jack Endino best known for his work on Nirvana‘s, Soundgarden‘s earliest efforts and for his work with High On Fire, and based on “Crypt Key” and the album’s latest single “Hyperion” may raise the band’s profile from doom metal stars to a national phenomenon as the sound on both of those singles manages to channel Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, and Queens of the Stone Age as the song is comprised of scorching, slow-burning power chords, super low end bass chords and thundering drums with Cottrell’s ethereal vocals gliding over the sludge, completed with a psychedelic-leaning guitar solo fed through tons of wah wah pedal. Unlike the bands their sound channels, the Richmond, VA-based band makes suffering seem like the most seductive, incredible thing ever.

More important, Grief’s Internal Flower may arguably be the heaviest album to be released this year, as the sound is forceful and absolutely punishing — as though the band is attempting to beat you down into the depths of hell.