New Video: elle le fantôme’s Eerily Haunting, New Video for “june 2014”

Indie electro pop artist, Tyler Elizabeth started her minimalist solo recording project, elle le fantôme (which translates as “she the ghost”) while she was still a student at Berklee, back in 2008. Since her graduation, Elizabeth has played in a couple of indie bands, studied audio engineer, relocated between California, Austin, TX, Tennessee and Brooklyn (where she’s currently located), and released two EPs yellow fevers and blue dreams. And yet interestingly enough, her recently released full-length debut, paint it blacker has quickly caught the attention of the blogosphere as the album’s first single “sore” managed to be intimate to the point of feeling mildly claustrophobic and yet cinematic, as though it should be the soundtrack of a French art film featuring the young and beautiful elites suffering through existential ennui and wandering around rainy Paris streets.

The album’s latest single “june 2014” is an equally sparse, atmospheric song comprised of ominous synths, swirling electronics and a a simple yet percussive drum beat paired with Elizabeth’s ethereal vocals to craft a sound that’s mournful, haunting and seemingly inescapable, much like the lingering ghost of a failed relationship.

The recently released official video for the song is song in a moody and cinematic black and white, and features Elizabeth walking around what will strike any New Yorker as a rapidly changing Lower Manhattan in jerky footage that has Elizabeth doing some of the same actions repeatedly — as though the video concept was subtly commenting on the nature of time and existence.