New Video: GHXST’s Sludgy, Stoner Rock and Doom Metal-Inspired “Nowhere”

Comprised of Shelley X, Chris Wild and Nathan La Guerra, the somewhat mysterious New York-based trio GHXST have developed a reputation for sludgy, stoner rock-inspired doom rock. And “Nowhere,” the EP title track of the Nowhere EP, which was released earlier this year is a perfect example of the sound that has captured the attention of the blogosphere over the last couple of years — dense, almost impenetrable layers of huge, sludgy power chords, thundering drumming are paired with Shelley X’s ironically detached vocals to craft a sound that’s not only ominous and gloomy but forceful.

It’s almost fitting that the recently released official video, produced by the band’s Shelley X is places the trio, completely clad in black, in the middle of a desolate desert.