New Video: Sun Drug’s Sleek, Electronic-based “Wildman”

If you’ve been frequenting JOVM over the past couple of months, you may be familiar with the Los Angeles, CA-based quartet Sun Drug. Originally the band started off as a quintet under the name of Vanaprasta. After a member left, turning the band into a quartet, the remaining quartet recognized that a change of sonic direction and a rebranding was necessary. Under the tutelage and guidance of Rocco DeLuca, the newly constituted quartet essentially stated over from scratch, relearning how to make and then record music. Importantly, during the entire process, DeLuca extolled the relatively simple idea that a band’s recorded output sound be recorded and mixed the way it should be played live. And interestingly, the band has managed to change their sound while retaining some of the elements that first won them attention across their hometown and across the blogosphere — an arena-friendly sound with big, catchy hooks.

Much like “Easy in Your Attitude,” the quartet’s latest single “Wildman” consists of a sleek, sophisticated and extremely modern/contemporary sound — but whereas their previous song channeled The Strokes, “Wildman” reminds me of Detroit’s Gosh Pith, as the song pairs hip-hop and electro pop production, in the form of big, boom-bap like beats, swirling electronics and strategically placed bleeps and bloops with buzzing guitars.

Visually speaking, the recently released official video for the song is remarkably trippy as it features the band’s lead singer standing in front of a screen with various psychedelic lighting effects.