New Video: The Dark and Psychedelic Video for Los Manglers’ “Before the Mirror”

Formed after the breakup of its founding members Laira Diaz’s and Enrique Olivares’ previous band, Dandy and the Walkers, the duo’s latest project, Los Manglers draws heavily from Diaz’s and Olivares’ fascination with Victorian and Pre-Raphaelite-era art. Interestingly, the songs that Diaz and Olivares began to write for Los Manglers thematically focused on maidens, lovers and tales from long gone eras but anachronistically paired with a sound that meshes 60s psych rock harmonies and a menacing, ominously seductive song consisting of propulsive, insistent drumming, walking bass lines, blazing, acidic guitar chords paired and a scorching solo with Diaz’s sultry croon, as you’ll hear on “Before the Mirror,” the latest single off the band’s recently released debut effort, Between Worlds. And interestingly, in some way, the song subtly channels The Black Angels‘ garage psych rock sound, as the song manages to evoke a demonic, fucked up version of Snow White in which the mirror on the wall tells you to murder your friends and family.

The recently released official video for “Before the Mirror” draws heavily from late 60s and early 70s B films and horror movies as it focuses on shadowy, cult-like behaviors in the woods with a psychedelic bent and trippy, rapid-fire cuts. And much like the song, the video is frightening, surreal and seductive and will pull you into a shadowy, murderous world.