New Video: The Decadent, Sensual Video for BYRN’s “Electrify”

BYRN is a New York-based singer/songwriter, who according to her Facebook fan page describes her sound as “Evanescence meets Aaliyah in a new twist of emotion and dance.The lyrics are poetic and the melodies are sexy/sweet with a hint of pain.”

“Electrify,” the second and latest single off BYRN’s forthcoming EP, Dreams Are Easy pairs BYRN’s dusky and seductive croon with sparse production that features ominously swirling electronics, stuttering and skittering percussion, gently cascading layers of synths and some industrial clang and clatter to craft a song that’s sleek and incredibly minimalist and modern, while also managing to be sensual R&B-leaning electro pop.

The recently released official video is in a gorgeously shot, cinematic black and white with scenes that emphasizes the song’s innate sensuality — and with a urgent and decadent feel.