New Video: The Eerie and Minimalist Electro Pop Sound of Oskaar

Oskaar is a Future R&B singer/songwriter, who’s been something of a nomad of late, as he has been shuttling between New York, Berlin, Los Angeles and Marrakesh. He first caught the attention of the blogosphere with an acapella cover of Royksopp‘s “Monument” and his latest single, an original single “Never Met You” will likely capture the attention of the blogosphere as the song pairs Oskaar’s smooth yet vulnerable baritone with a backing track comprised of stuttering, steel pan drum, undulating synths to craft a sound that’s bracingly icy and yet full of lingering and nagging regret — the specifically bitter sort of regret that comes from a relationship that has imploded before your eyes. And in the immediate moments of heartache, the only thing you can think of how much you wish that you had never met the person who just broken your heart.

While listening to the song I was reminded of a prior relationship with this woman, who I’ll refer to as T. And although T was ironically enough, instrumental in encouraging me to start JOVM five years ago, my relationship  with her ended in a rather bitter fashion, as I had discovered that a nearly 7 year relationship was based on a lie. At one point, we had one of those painful during breakup/post breakup conversations in which I had lamented that I had wished I had never met her. The song focuses on that uneasy and bitter moment with an directness that’s unsettling yet universal.

The gorgeously shot music video represents the knotted ties of human relationships and how difficult and hurtful it can be to enter and leave that tie, while suggesting that those ties never quite severed completely.

The song was turned into an
elegant, mesmeric video
through a collaborative effort
featuring photographer / Creative director
Daniel Bolliger
performance artist /
model FavelaPunk
. The result is a stark, arrestingly minimal meditation on the
bondage of shattered affection – call it a simple vessel embodying the knotted
complexity of the human love condition.