New Video: The Spectral and Eerie, New Video for Nadia Kazmi’s “Haunting”

Calgary, AB-born and Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Nadia Kazmi has received national attention in her native Canada and across the US as she’s had several songs appear on nationally syndicated TV programs and her album Strange Song, a Leonard Cohen tribute album received airplay on college radio stations across both the US and Canada.

The Canadian-born, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter latest EP Lamb reportedly has Kazmi exploring blues, rock, alternative rock and punk, and was co-produced by the Canadian singer/songwriter and Uri Djamal of Madpan Productions.

As Kazmi mentioned in a recent interview, her latest single “Haunting” is about being haunted by the memories of an old love — and how their ghost still manages to linger long after your time with them. And as a result the song is a spectral and moody song comprised of twinkling piano chords, bluesy guitar chords, and sparse but dramatic drumming that gives the song a dramatic heft — and in a way that channels PJ Harvey and Shana Falana.

The recently released official video is a moody and artistic treatment features what looks like animated footage of Kazmi singing the song over superimposed images of smoke which adds to the spectral feel of the song.